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"Alan administered his various tuning forks on multiple areas of my body. I can tell you personally it was a truly amazing experience for me! It is a scientific fact that every cell in our bodies are made up of energy and responds to different frequencies. Given ample time (a series of sessions) with Alan using his tuning forks, I can guarantee you that your body will respond in a positive way. You will be able to see and feel a change in your digestive system, your mental clarity, your physical energy, and the quality of sleep you get at night. You will experience less stress and more peace!

'I firmly believe that anyone that allows Alan the opportunity he will prove to you that your body will function at a higher level when it is in the correct energy frequency. As your body begins to respond to Alan's treatments your energy level begins to rise and your pain levels decrease! I recommend anyone to connect with Alan and experience the bliss and peace your body so desperately is looking for!"

Holly Stroup - CEO
Transformed Through the Storms
Personal Coach/Speaker

"Just had THE MOST AMAZING SESSION WITH ALAN! Highly recommend receiving a healing via tuning forks with Alan. He is SOOO intuitive. I felt the effects of this profoundly. He just knew which ones I needed. I was particularly fond of the cat purr forks.... It felt like my entire being was singing. Now I can say I've been forked by Alan :)))))) Pass it on! Let's get him a reputation Hehe — with Alan David Braunstein."

Pamela Silchia
Used with permission as posted on Facebook May 25, 2014

"Put a fork in me I've done been forked!!! Many Blessings Alan David Braunstein !!! Tuning Forks boys N girls.... A  "healing, ultra relaxing, harmonizing with the vibes" type of experience."

Lynn Schulz
Used with permission as posted on Facebook May 23, 2014

"Alan is exceptional at removing any pain you may have in your body. He worked on me for only a few minutes and the pain I was having in my neck and shoulders has disappeared and has not returned at all. This was a few weeks ago and I have since been packing up and moving from my home. I have been lifting heavy things and usually I would barely be able to move but I feel wonderful, no pain at all. Thank you Alan for your wonderful treatment. I look forward to do more work with you in the future."

ML (Arizona)

"Alan really has a gift. I first experienced this when he did a healing session on my boyfriend and I simultaneously. I could feel something was happening when I got several rounds of goose bumps. Then, I felt energy swirling through my body releasing blockages that had been impeding flow. Every cell in my body felt to be breathing and getting more oxygen than ever before. The energy began swirling out of my body over through my boyfriend in a continuous loop. We both felt fresh and energized after.

'Already feeling great, Alan sensed that I had neck pain(from a car accident several years prior and was requiring frequent chiropractic adjustments) and my boyfriend had low back pain (herniated discs). Without any contact, our pain was relieved! He even approached our two dogs and was intuitively drawn to heal their hips( both on glucosamine / chondroitin for hip arthritis). They moved with much more ease.

'On another occasion, he noticed that I was having some sinus pain and allergy symptoms. Before I even knew what was happening, he had grabbed my discomfort and threw it right out of my body, extinguishing my symptoms. No pain. No congestion. No itchiness. Gone before it even occurred to me what had happened. Alan is a very intuitive and powerful healer, a blessing to the community."

AM (Arizona)

"I recently experienced a Heart Thread process with Alan. Heart Thread allows us to shift long term patterns held in the body. The process itself enables us to move from a conscious awareness of our patterns, thus allowing shifts to occur within our body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

There were many patterns that were addressed, and I will mention three of them that have been with me throughout my life. The first is the belief of not feeling supported. Although I remember expressing during the session that I have never felt supported, my left brain was giving me examples of times in my life that I had indeed been supported. This was, of course, after the session was completed. However, the pattern that I held within me was that I truly did not feel supported in life or by life.

Another pattern that was released was that of not feeling lovable. Again, that has been a long held belief.

The most dramatic shift that I experienced concerned my past drug use. Although I have been free from substance abuse for 29 years I had become aware of a subconscious belief that I did not deserve to heal physically because of this. When I repeated the statements that Alan had me say I was unable to do it initially without the tears flowing.

I am grateful to Alan for the release of these long held patterns. There is indeed a sense of freedom that has presented itself in my life."

V.G. in Phoenix, AZ

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