Alan David Braunstein

Healing work with Alan David is different from traditional modalities. Alan has created a Unique and Effective process integrating Matrix Energetics, Re-connective Healing and Sound Harmonics in techniques designed to eliminate physical and emotional pain while increasing your personal frequencies.

Alan knew he was "different" early on and, like many healers yet unaware of their "gifts," frightened himself and others. There was always a curiosity in Alan that stayed alive however, and when the timing was right to step into his power, Alan broke his ankle and sought relief from a Rolf instructor in Buffalo, New York. It was during these sessions that he began to understand his "gifts" and so set out to learn how to apply them to the benefit of others.

Alan is formerly trained in Matrix Energetics, is practicing practitioner in Circuitry Alignment and Heart Thread and Certified in Re-connective Healing.

Alan is Spirit Driven in his creation of the process of Sound Harmonics. As a trained musician, he understands the healing properties found in the notes, tones and harmonics of music. He is a sensitive soul, grounded and respectful of Mother Earth choosing to recycle plastics as a career for the past 30 years. Over time, he has developed a unique and highly effective blending of these modalities that is tailored to the individual. Alan has applied his proprietary technique to human and animal alike. He provides a healing and instructive service to individuals, couples, pets, and pet and owner together allowing them to learn how to use these techniques to create and maintain the healing effects of a session.

"I believe the medicine of the "Future" is already here in Sound and Vibrational healing. It is a joy for me to be aligned with the Harmony of Divine Guidance, holding space for Love and Perfect Health for those with which I work. I set Intent to be a Pure Vessel for Sound, Vibration, and Harmonic Healing. I am in tune with the Divine Guidance of healing." … Alan David Braunstein

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