It is a "place" in consciousness where one experiences a unified field based on oneness.

In this "place", we transcend our feelings of separation and isolation.

HeartThread is a simple, direct way to shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Through making these patterns conscious, the energy system opens, releasing constriction in the body and mind.

HeartThread brings clarity and understanding of physical patterns affecting behavior and belief systems, which determine our approach to life.

Through conscious awareness of our patterns, shifts occur in the body/mind/emotion/spirit, allowing us to live without restriction and fear.

Creating a heart link:

A heart link is created between "practitioner," client and anyone present. This connection extends beyond the room and links together all life forms that comprise the living weave of creation. It can even be done over the phone!

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