Aside from thoughts, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve, we are awash daily in pollutants that stress our bodies and assault our senses. Harsh abrasive sounds, foods, pollen, dust, molds and even the daily news, all have a negative impact at a cellular level.

Maintaining a balanced healthy body, an open heart and a happy mind is a challenge.

Balance, Order, Rhythm and Harmony ... the essentials to inner joy and optimal mental and physical health. These can be created or restored.

Sound Harmonics and Meditation, Circuitry Alignment, Heart Thread, Matrix Energetics and Re-connective Healing are a few of the tools used by Energy Healer, Alan David Braunstein.

The bodies healing needs differ with the individual. Guided by Intuition, your healing session may be comprised of one or a combination of modalities designed to alter your bio-chemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into perfect, balanced harmony.

You will experience a deep and soothing state of relaxation, feel centered, focused, grounded, pain free and at peace.

Find yours at Matrix Healing Arts.

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